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Mex Rent A Car Opens Location at Panama Airport

Mex Rent A Car’s affiliation program has reached Panama with the opening of a location at Tocumen International Airport in Panama City.

06 octubre 2016 |

“By having complete domain over the Spanish language, Mex can fully understand the customer needs/desires and provide the best experience to our affiliate and our mutual clients,” said Jordi Rivero, Mex Rent A Car’s chief product officer. “It goes so natural when both parties speak the same language and share some of the same culture.”

Within its metropolitan area, Panama City, holds nearly half of the country’s population.

“Since the market behavior in Panama is not exactly going unchanged for long, our new affiliate’s strategy will find in Mex the support it needs to keep up with our new competitors at Tocumen International Airport,” said Chris Reveles, Mex Rent A Car’s chief technology officer.

Mex Rent A Car now has 11 affiliate locations internationally, including Panama. Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and St Maarten.

“We would like to thank all of our affiliates for the trust and great support they had putting into this program,” said Jordi Rivero, chief product officer of Mex Rent A Car. Mex signed its first affiliate in St. Maarten in June 2015, according to the information made available to Miguel Sanchiz of the business section of Panama On, and editor of the Panama Business News.

“We are sure that with all the MEX connectivity, our affiliate program will gain strength and will increase our affiliate’s bookings/presence/revenue,” said Rivero. Mex continues its expansion plan and is searching for new business partners, says the company.

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